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Sterling Silver African Amethyst Bezel Set Stud Earrings


• African Amethysts radiate color in these simple and elegant Stud Earrings.
• Highly polished Sterling Silver creates the perfect color combination with the delicate purple of the stones.
• Bezel setting holds the stone more securely in place than other settings, making them ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle.
• Wear these when you’re on the go and still need to look polished – whether you’re running errands, running a business, or running a marathon.
• Classic birthstone gift for a busy woman with a February birthday.

Look pretty and feminine without having to worry about losing a stone or getting hair or clothing caught on these beautiful Sterling Silver Stud Earrings. The bezel setting holds stones securely in place with a smooth metal rim, making these earrings snag-free and giving them a sleek and modern appearance. These are great everyday earrings for work and play, but with fine metal and genuine stones, they are still nice enough to carry you into the evening when needed. Give as a birthstone gift or make them a staple of your jewelry wardrobe. You’ll love the form and the function, and you’ll love the practical price too.

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