Our Origin and Values


Morgan & Paige was launched in 2014 as an online jewelry boutique. With a direct manufacturing partnership, we control quality and value, giving you the best piece at the best price.


We challenged ourselves to create beautiful, affordable everyday jewelry without sacrificing quality, and that intent laid the foundation for Morgan & Paige. Whenever you want to add a little sparkle, whether for work or play, we hope that Morgan & Paige will make you feel beautiful, effortlessly.


At the heart of our mission is creating compelling design and innovation. Morgan & Paige’s design team is continually pushing manufacturing capabilities, moving the industry forward—reflected in new jewelry categories, such as: tech and pet jewelry. This moment is grounded in traditional craftsmanship and multi-generational experience. We design exclusive jewelry in an effort to make the world and your life a little more dazzling.


When it comes to making jewelry, experience matters. We’re proud to be second-generation jewelers who understand what you want: a mix of affordable, reliable and sophisticated style. At Morgan & Paige, we strive to provide amazing, beautiful jewelry without sacrificing ethical practices and honest pricing.