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925 Sterling Silver Genuine Green Jade Celtic Scrollwork Band Statement Ring, Size 9 Celtic Scrollwork


• Bold oval cut of Green Jade pops against the Celtic Scrollwork setting in this stunning Statement Ring.
• Elegant Sterling Silver elevates this piece to the level of fine jewelry and provides the perfect complement to the color of the stone.
• Intricate scrollwork captures attention and adds a fascinating detail.
• Wear this ring when you want to be noticed without being overstated.
• Give as a gift to a family member to represent the protection and harmony of family generations.

Make an eloquent statement with this enchanting Sterling Silver Statement Ring. Jade, one of the strongest gemstones, has been used for everything from weapons to musical chimes. Instead of shattering when you strike it, jade makes a musical sound. Different cultures have used jade to symbolize several positive things: strength, wealth, harmony, and the wisdom protection of generations. Whatever you are trying to express when wearing this this ring, you’ll love the quality, beauty, and budget-friendly price.

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