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Genuine Multi-Gemstone Owl Pendant Necklace


• A dazzling assortment of Genuine Multi-Gemstones glimmer adorn this whimsical Owl Pendant Necklace.
• 18K Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver contributes fine-jewelry contributes fine-jewelry elegance to this piece.
• Tarnish-resistant and nickel-free, this hypoallergenic is safe and durable for repeated, long-lasting wear.
• A spring ring clasp fastens the delicate 18” chain, keeping the pendant secure.
• Wear for a festive weekend outing or make this your go-to signature piece.

You’ll love the compliments you’ll get on this exceptionally pretty 18K Yellow Gold-Plated .925 Sterling Silver Owl Pendant 18” Necklace. Beautiful hues of multi-gemstones form the owl’s eyes and wings, while fine metals contribute the shape and exquisite details. The colors make this the perfect accessory for a feminine blouse or flowing spring dress. Wear it to dress up a weekend of lunch and shopping, for a casual dinner, or to an afternoon summer wedding. The owl symbolism of wisdom and transformation also makes this a wonderful choice for a graduation gift or to celebrate a promotion.

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