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Swiss Blue and Sky Blue Topaz Bracelet


• Glittering Swiss Blue and Sky Blue Topaz gemstones alternate in this charming two tone bracelet.
• Rhodium and 18K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver contribute a high quality setting and intricate chain design between the stones.
• The precious metals are tarnish-resistant for durable shine as well as nickel-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
• Wear this with a smart casual outfit during the day or as an evening accessory with a dress or evening gown.
• Give as a cherished birthstone gift for a December birthday.

You’ll love the feminine feel of this delicately crafted Rhodium and 18K Gold-Plated .925 Sterling Silver 7-1/4” Bracelet. Alternating shades of blue stones evoke the sea and sky, while the textured chain design that connects the stones accentuates the sparkle of the Topaz. This is a standout piece that will bring compliments and enjoyment. It’s less expensive than it looks, so indulge yourself or a friend – or both. This bracelet fits most wrists comfortably and is the perfect gift for any occasion, especially when your loved one has something to celebrate – a birthday, graduation, promotions, or other achievement.

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