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Rhodium-Plated .925 Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Turtle Charm


• Sparkling Black and White Diamonds contribute glamour and sophistication to this whimsical Turtle Pendant Necklace.
• Crafted from Rhodium plated Sterling Silver, the turtle design combines fun and fine jewelry in a piece that is both fashionable and durable.
• Wear for a fancy occasion that is full of joy – a wedding, special birthday party, or work celebration.
• Give as a birthday present or as a wish for continued good health and longevity.
• Diamonds sourced from Kimberly Process suppliers who ensure and confirm their diamonds are conflict-free. The stark contrast of radiant Black and White Diamonds is electrifying in this Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver 18” Pendant Necklace. Wear this eye-catching piece to an evening event where you want to sparkle and inspire others to enjoy the night. The long-lived turtle is also a symbol of strength and wisdom, as well as good health and longevity, making this pendant necklace the perfect way to celebrate a friend’s special occasion or your own.

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