Morgan & Paige

Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver Openwork Celtic Knot Heart Stud Earrings


• Hearts interweave a never-ending Celtic Knot design in these amazing Heart Stud Earrings.
• Oxidized Sterling Silver provides both shine and shadow, creating a depth that strengthens the emotional intensity of these pieces.
• These earrings are subtle enough for everyday wear and so magical you may never want to stop wearing them.
• Perfect gift to symbolizes eternal friendship or romantic love. Celtic knots represent the interconnectedness of life, faith, and friendship. They have no beginning and no end, looping for eternity. These earrings are a breathtaking example intricately interlaced hearts that form a star-shape within a larger heart. An unending line of Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver forms this simple but magnificent design. Wear these fascinating yet understated earrings every day or gift to someone whose heart is eternally connected to yours.

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